Month: December 2018

CNU-Midwest Mini-Summit

Hello, everyone!

The Congress for New Urbanism-Midwest, which Strong Indy is a subchapter of, is hosting a mini-summit on January 12-13th in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

If you’re interested in attending, please let CNU leadership know by contacting them in the link.

This will be a fun event, so come join in and learn!

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Strong Indy needs your help! The City-County Council’s Public Works Committee elected to remove the entire portion of the proposed downtown-area traffic ordinance that impacted right-on-red. Prohibiting right-on-red is a critical safety component for everyone, not just pedestrians and bicyclists.

We need everyone to SHOW UP to the City-County Council Meeting on January 7th and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Get the no-right-on-red proposal back in the ordinance! Come to the meeting and SPEAK UP!

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Strong Indy Weekly Roundup – 12/3/2018

  1. A new infill project appears to be cleared for the go ahead at the corner of Vermont & Pennsylvania, formerly the Essex Hotel.
  2. The City-County Council and ParkIndy are exploring adjustments to Downtown Indy’s on-street parking strategy (IndyStar).
  3. Indianapolis has seen a terrifying increase in hit-and-run deaths as motorists kill pedestrians/bicyclists and leave them to die (Fox59).
  4. Groups like Bike Indianapolis are looking to change policy to make Indy’s streets safer for vulnerable users (WISH-TV).
  5. There’s still time to donate to CNU-Midwest and help support organizations like us!
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