Month: January 2019

Strong Indy Fireside Chat: Building Community Through Land Use Policy

Join us for a Fireside Chat with the Indianapolis MPO’s Sean Northup and Indianapolis Department for Metropolitan Development’s Jessica Thorpe on February 19th to talk about the Marion County Land Use Plan, land uses’ importance for community building, and how it will impact neighborhood redevelopment in the future.

This will be an opportunity to learn about the land use policy and zoning process as well as learn the importance of population and job density and integrating land use policy with transportation practices.

Before our speakers come up, we will hold a Strong Indy meetup to discuss future items of business, including the future Board of Directors.

When: February 19th – 6:30 PM

Where: Big Car’s Tube Factory Artspace – 1125 Cruft Street, Indianapolis, IN



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Strong Indy Podcast Episode 6 – Interview with Laura Giffel

Join us as we talk to Laura Giffel, a candidate for Indianapolis City-County Council District 16! In this episode, we discuss neighborhood identity, inclusive redevelopment, zoning, street safety, and economic development initiatives in the City of Indianapolis.

Episode link:

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Strong Indy Roundup – Week of 1/7/2019

Traffic Violence is starting off early, with a motorist crashing into a hostel in Broad Ripple.

IndyGo is pursuing a new fare collection system that proposes reloadable cards, a mobile app, ticket vending machines, and fare-capping.

More protected bike lanes are planned for downtown, but no specifics are available yet.

Red Line construction is cranking along and you will soon see station structures popping up on Meridian Street. College Avenue construction will begin soon. Go to a public meeting to get your questions answered.

The proposed development for Broad Ripple next to a Red Line station is dead. But given its design, is that such a bad thing?

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Strong Indy Board of Directors Nominations!

Good day, Strong Indianapolitans!

Strong Indy is taking a big leap in how our future is managed. To promote a more diverse, insightful, and organized future, Strong Indy will be pursuing a Board of Directors. Each position will be a two (2) year appointment on a staggered basis, so we don’t have a full turnover every two years. In the inaugural board, some individuals may have to serve for one or three years to meet this requirement.

Strong Indy is looking for a total of five individuals to serve on the Strong Indy Board of Directors. These individuals will be responsible for coordinating with CNU-Midwest for finances, events, and communications. It is not required that one of the board members of Strong Indy sit on the board of CNU-Midwest, but one individual must be the direct liaison to the CNU-Midwest board.

Board members must contribute a currently undetermined dollar amount to Strong Indy to support events, meetings, and speakers. Board members are encouraged to actively participate in their communities and be constantly prepared to engage with issues facing Indianapolis. Board members should be individuals who are knowledgeable of what Strong Towns and the Congress for New Urbanism stand for. Additionally, Strong Indy Board Members must be members of Congress for New Urbanism. This is not a prerequisite, but must be fulfilled if you are selected to serve on the Board.

If you would like to serve on Strong Indy’s Board of Directors, please fill out the form to be considered.

If we receive more than five submissions, a vote will be held during the February 2019 Strong Indy meetup.

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REMINDER: Call to Action

Strong Indy needs your help! The City-County Council’s Public Works Committee elected to remove the entire portion of the proposed downtown-area traffic ordinance that impacted right-on-red. Prohibiting right-on-red is a critical safety component for everyone, not just pedestrians and bicyclists.

We need everyone to SHOW UP to the City-County Council Meeting on January 7th and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Get the no-right-on-red proposal back in the ordinance! Come to the meeting and SPEAK UP!

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