January 25th @ 7 PM : An Evening with Chuck Marohn

An Evening with Chuck Marohn


Join us with Chuck Marohn, the founder and President of Strong Towns, for an evening chat about strong neighbrohoods, communities, and urbanism. This will be an evening to discuss Chuck’s previous work, what it means to be a strong town or city, and how to build cities that are vibrant and commercially diverse, yet equitable.

Chuck will also be relating the Strong Towns principles to the North Split rebuild and how different alternatives can make Indy become a stronger city. This will be an opportunity to talk to Chuck about what it means to be Strong Indy and how we can grow ourselves to be an active and inclusive organization within the City of Indianapolis and Marion County.

Find out more about Strong Indy at our Facebook group.

Event runs from 7 PM until 10 PM. Tickets are free but limited.

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