Strong Indy is now on iTunes!

Just wanting to share the news, Strong Indy now has a broader reach thanks to Apple approving our podcast for listing in their official iTunes podcast directory. That’s right, you can now listen and share this podcast with others more easily. Just point them to search for Strong Indy when searching for a new podcast and then make sure to leave a rating and some feedback on iTunes.

Also a quick update on future podcast episodes. We have a couple of others recorded and just about ready to go. We hope to get to releasing on a bi-weekly basis soon.

Thanks for subscribing and continuing to help make Indy a better city!

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Introducing the Strong Indy podcast

That’s right, we’re getting into podcasting! Strong Indy is very proud to announce the inaugural episode of the Strong Indy podcast. We’ll be releasing every couple of weeks to begin with. If we end up creating a publishing episodes like crazy, we’ll consider publishing every week. For now, without further ado, I give you episode 001 – introduction to the podcast and the North Split highway project.

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Strong Indy Website Launch

Strong Indy Website Launch


It all started when…

Strong Indy started growing and gaining popularity and it became quite apparent that we desperately needed a central place to call home. We have been lacking a good place to post our events, our thoughts and our mission without it getting lost in the chaotic (but immensely cool) places in our Facebook group. That’s the genesis of this first go at a website for Strong Indy. It’s far from being a complete website but it’s a start.

If you’re interested in helping write original content for the site, help improve on the structure, contribute original photography and other media for it, please get in contact with us.

Our goal for this site is to continuously improve it, to add new and dynamic content to it so that it’ll be the place to come to for as much original content on Indy’s burgeoning urbanism.  Welcome, and thanks for visiting!

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