August 17th @ 7 PM : Strong Indy August Meetup

 Copyright 2003 Indiana Historical Society

Copyright 2003 Indiana Historical Society

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We’ll meet at the Tube Factory Artspace at 7 PM.

Strong Indy August Meetup

Incremental growth/change is the key to a successful future for Indy…or is it!?

For the next Strong Indy meetup on Thursday, August 17th, we want to do something new and we need some volunteers who want to try it. We’d like to take the topic of incremental growth/change and apply it to Indy. More specifically, we’ll have at least 5 people sharing on what incremental growth/change in Indy means to them and what it would look like.

This will be the main event of the evening having each person spend about 5 minutes sharing with everyone else what this means to them. The really fun part will be engaging in a conversation with everyone as a group.

Here’s how the Strong Towns defines incrementalism.

Beer and wine will be available for purchase from our host, Big Car at the Tube Factory space. We always like to help try and support the amazing work of Big Car, so buy a beer or a t-shirt while you’re there. As we’ve been doing in recent Strong Indy meetups, we’ll be providing food like pizza or something. Please plan on contributing a few dollars to help support the cost so one person doesn’t pay for it all.